15 July 2013

Release of 2012 higher education student statistics

Statistics for the higher education student data collection full year 2012 have been released. These data are for students enrolled in higher education courses at Australian Higher Education Providers. Data are reported in actual numbers and Equivalent Full-time Student Load (EFTSL).

11 June 2013

Proposed access to HELP for New Zealand Special Category Visa holders

The Australian Government has proposed changes which will allow New Zealand Special Category Visa holders, brought to Australia as dependent minors, to access Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) loans for university and higher-level vocational education and training. 

29 May 2013

Assuring Quality While Reducing the Higher Education Regulatory Burden

The Australian Government has announced an independent review of higher education regulation to ensure an optimal balance is reached that maximises the quality of higher education and transparency while minimising red tape burden.

22 May 2013

Additional Commonwealth Supported Places Q and A

The 2013-14 Budget provides $84.6 million for approximately 1,650 additional Commonwealth supported places a year for postgraduate initial teacher education and allied health courses, and sub-bachelor enabling and language courses.

16 April 2013

Higher Education Savings Announcement Q and A's 

On April 13, 2013 the Government announced savings in the higher education portfolio. Here are a series of Q&As that provide answers to the most commonly asked questions around the savings measures.

4 April 2013

Release of the Final Report of the Review of Reporting Requirements for Universities

The Final Report from the review of the Department’s reporting requirements for universities is now available.

1 March 2013

MyUniversity Reference Group

The MyUniversity Reference Group held its initial meeting on 14 November 2012 to inform the scope for future phases of the MyUniversity website.

19 November 2012

First meeting of Advisory Group

The National Advisory Group on Higher Education Data and Information held its initial meeting on 26 October 2012 to discuss the development of a National Higher Education Statistics Collection.

30 July 2012

New report on funding

On 30 July 2012, the Minister for Tertiary Education, Senator Chris Evans, released an independent study of the impact of the Government’s reforms implemented in response to the Bradley Review.

18 June 2012

AQHE Reference Group report

The Report of the Advancing Quality in Higher Education Reference Group includes recommendations on the development of performance measures.

30 May 2012

Staff Data Review

On 25 May 2012, the Department released an issues paper for the Higher Education Staff Data Collection Review.

14 March 2012

Australian Government Response to Senate Inquiry

The Australian Government Response to the Senate Inquiry into Rural and Regional Access to Secondary and Tertiary Education Opportunities was tabled on 13 March 2012.

27 February 2012

EIF Regional Priorities Round

Selected applicants were invited to develop their Stage 1 Expressions of Interest into detailed Stage 2 applications under the EIF Regional Priorities Round.

12 December 2011

Comments sought on university performance measures

Release of discussion papers inviting public comment on the development of university performance measures.

8 December 2011

Base Funding Review

On 8 December 2011, the Minister for Tertiary Education, Senator Chris Evans, released the final report of the Higher Education Base Funding Review.

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