Australian Maths and Science Partnerships Program


Assessment of the AMSPP Competitive Grants proposals is underway and will continue during the caretaker period. Recommendations will be provided to the Minister for consideration once the caretaker period has concluded.

On 28 May 2013, the Minster for Higher Education and Skills announced the successful projects to be funded through the AMSPP priority project round, and called for a new round of Competitive Grants proposals.

The purpose of the Australian Maths and Science Partnerships Program (AMSPP) is to improve student engagement in maths and science courses at university and schools, through innovative partnerships between universities, schools, and other relevant organisations.

This will be achieved through projects which:

  • build the confidence, capacity, knowledge base and teaching skills of classroom teachers to deliver maths and science subjects to primary and junior secondary school students
  • increase the number of school students undertaking maths and science subjects to Year 12
  • improve school students’ outcomes in maths and science, and/or
  • encourage more students to study science, technology, engineering and maths courses at university.

AMSPP Priority Project Grants Recipients

 Successful projects:

  • Project: Evaluating and selecting Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) resources: capacity building for teachers in regional and rural schools.
    • Lead partner: University of Tasmania
  • Project: Maximising Student and Teacher Engagement with Science Professionals to Address the Shortage of Qualified Science Professionals.
    • Lead partner: University of Tasmania, through the Primary Industry Centre for Science Education
  • Project: Reframing Mathematical Futures.
    • Lead partner: RMIT
  • Project: The Smart Science Initiative.
    • Lead partner: University of New South Wales
  • Project: Development of e-Virtual laboratories transforming university engagement with science education: metro - regional – rural.
    • Lead partner: La Trobe University


  • Project: Regional Universities Network (RUN) Maths and Science Digital Classroom: a connected model for all of Australia.
    • Lead partner: University of Southern Queensland and the Regional Universities Network


  • Project: International Olympiad in Informatics.
    • Lead partner: University of Queensland

Priority projects

Up to 25 per cent of the total AMSPP allocation may be reserved, outside of the competitive grants round process, for priority projects.

Priority projects are considered to be any project that is consistent with the objectives and priorities of the AMSPP and is national in scope.

For more information, please visit the information for Priority Project page.

Competitive grants

The majority of AMSPP funds will be allocated through a single competitive grants round, to be run in 2013. Information relating to AMSPP competitive grants (including eligibility, application procedures, and assessment) is provided in the Administrative Information for Providers.

Competitive Grant proposals applications form


In May 2012, the Chief Scientist, Professor Ian Chubb AC, released the report Mathematics, Engineering, and Science in the National Interest.

The report recognised that over the past 20 years, Australia has experienced a significant decline in the proportion of students taking advanced mathematics and science related subjects in year 12. Over the same period there has been a downward trend in the proportion of university students enrolled in maths, science and engineering courses.

The AMSPP was announced in the 2012 Budget as part of a broad package of measures to address this trend and improve outcomes in the learning and teaching of maths and science.


The relevant legislation is:

Information for providers

The Administrative Information for Providers gives information on the application process, funding conditions, and other administrative details for the program:


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