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Commonwealth Scholarships Program

The Commonwealth Scholarships Program (CSP) assists Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from low socio-economic backgrounds, particularly those from rural and regional areas, with costs associated with higher education.

The scholarships program changed in 2010 and is now only available to commencing Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students. The CSP continues to support students who were awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship prior to 1 January 2010 under transitional arrangements provided they maintain their eligibility.

Applying for Scholarships

The CSP is administered on behalf of the Australian Government by eligible higher education providers. Providers are responsible for conducting their own application and selection procedures on the basis of guidelines issued by the Commonwealth. Potential applicants need to direct their enquiries on application procedures and timeliness to the university where they are studying or plan to study.

Commonwealth Scholarships Guidelines

The Commonwealth Scholarships Guidelines are instructions for administering the CSP and includes descriptions of scholarships available.

The Commonwealth Scholarships Guidelines (Education) 2013 are available on the Attorney-General’s Department ComLaw website.

Values in 2014

Scholarship values are indexed annually. The value of CSP scholarships in 2014 are:

  • Indigenous Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarship (ICECS) $2,492
  • Indigenous Enabling Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarship (ICECS) $2,492
  • Indigenous Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship (ICAS) $4,985
  • Indigenous Enabling Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship (IECAS) $4,985
  • Indigenous Access Scholarship (IAS) $4,702

Questions & Answers

To assist in managing the Commonwealth Scholarships, a series of Questions and Answers has been established. In providing these Questions and Answers, the department in no way represents that the Minister will or will not make any particular decision in relation to a provider’s compliance with the Guidelines.

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