Australian Industry Participation (AIP)

The Australian Jobs Act 2013 commenced on 27 December 2013. All major projects with a capital expenditure of $500 million or more are now required to meet new mandatory requirements under the Act.​

Australian companies working on major projects continue to demonstrate that they can successfully compete against global competitors to win work supplying goods and services to major projects.

However, Australian firms still face challenges in gaining access to global supply markets and major investment projects. The relatively small size of the Australian economy, coupled with its geographical distance from the major markets of Europe and North America, and the trend towards greater use of established supply chains by international investors, can create significant impediments to Australian industry participation in major projects.

The Government recognises the barriers faced by Australian suppliers and encourages major projects, both public and private, to develop an Australian Industry Participation (AIP) Plan. AIP Plans set out how companies will provide full, fair and reasonable opportunity for Australian industry to participate in the project.

This approach seeks to assist Australian industry to gain a foothold in major projects by encouraging Australian industry to innovate, develop competitive capability and take advantage of investment opportunities. There is a strong emphasis on industry development, in particular the formation of strategic alliances, to position capable Australian industry to leverage opportunities and integrate into global supply markets.

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Australian Government Procurement Statement Evaluation 2012

An evaluation of elements of the Australian Government Procurement Statement was conducted by Bremer and Co on behalf of the then Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education in 2012. The evaluation examined the efficiency, effectiveness, appropriateness, integration, strategic policy alignment and performance assessment of the Supplier Advocates, National Sector Managers and AIP Plans in Commonwealth Government Procurement initiatives. 

A copy of the full report is available upon request.

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