Automotive Statistics

Research and analysis is conducted by the department to support policy creation and evaluation.  Using this information and data, the department provides advice on general automotive trade issues, including the implications for the automotive industry of proposed free trade agreements.

Automotive Industry Data Card

The Automotive Industry Data Card provides up-to-date automotive manufacturing and market statistics.  It includes key data such as sales, production, employment, trade and innovation.

More information on the Automotive Industry Data Card is available here: Automotive Industry Data Card September 2013

Key Automotive Statistics

The Key Automotive Statistics (KAS) provide a comprehensive statistical overview of the Australian automotive industry, including important information on the:

  • Australian vehicle market
  • automotive production
  • automotive trade
  • employment and productivity
  • vehicle affordability
  • industry profitability
  • investment and research and development.

This survey is conducted annually, and is used to collect data for the previous calendar year.  Data collected for 2011 from the motor vehicle producers is current as at July 2012.

Key Automotive Statistics 2012

In 2013 the Department of Industry undertook an annual survey of Australian motor vehicle producers to collect data for the previous calendar year.  Key Automotive Statistics 2012 contains information sourced from the survey returns and from other organisations that collect automotive industry data, including the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (STARS Database) and the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (VFACTS service).

Key Automotive Statistics 2012 | KeyAutomotiveStatistics2012.docx

Previous KAS data from 1998 is available upon request.


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