Book Industry Strategy Group (BISG)

The Book Industry Strategy Group (the Group) was established to develop viable strategies to assist the book industry to adjust to the digital environment and to improve efficiency within the book supply chain. The Group consulted widely with the book industry, librarians, educational institutions and consumers over its 12 month term and on 9 November 2011 released its final report to the Australian Government. The report contained 21 recommendations for industry reform, ranging from efficiency improvements for book distribution to increasing the digital skills of industry workers.

Read the Government’s response to the report and the 25 June 2012.

Addendum: page 74, paragraph 1 - Book Industry Strategy Group Final Report to Government

Replacement text applies to all printed editions and digital editions downloaded prior to 14 November 2011.

The Australian Government initiated statistical data collection for book retailers and publishers in 2000–01 as part of the book industry assistance plan, a $240 million package aimed at assisting the book industry to adjust to the introduction of GST. Through this package, $1.2 million was committed over four years for annual collection of statistics by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

In the course of undertaking its deliberations, the BISG commissioned a number of major research and consultation projects.

  • The primary research project, the Market Analysis Research Report provided the BISG with an analysis of the Australian industry and a review of its competitiveness against parallel industries in other major English speaking markets.
  • Released in July 2010 the Digital Technologies in Australia's Book Industry research report provided an overview of the digital technologies used in Australia's book industry. The report was prepared exclusively to ensure that BISG members had sufficient information to understand the relevant technologies used in each part of the book supply chain.
  • BISG Research Report

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