Defence Export Controls

The export of goods and technologies designed or adapted for use by armed forces, or that can be used in the production of defence related goods and services, are subject to strict trade controls. The department works closely with Australian industry to help them understand their export licensing responsibilities.

Defence Export Control Office (DECO)

The Defence Export Control Office (DECO) is responsible for administering controls on the export of defence and dual-use goods and the granting of authorisations to export. Companies that want to export controlled defence and strategic goods must obtain the relevant permit or license from DECO.

DECO’s mission is to ensure Australia exports responsibly by:

  • providing advice on the control status of goods;
  • issuing permits and licences for the export of controlled defence and dual use goods;
  • authorising end-user and non-transfer certificates for the import of controlled defence and dual-use goods;
  • providing assistance with re-transfer approvals for foreign-sourced defence items;
  • delivering outreach programs to assist exporters in meeting their obligations under the relevant regulations and legislation;
  • monitoring compliance with export controls and undertaking preliminary investigations in relation to non-compliance of those obligations; and
  • contributing to Australia’s international efforts to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction through participation in multilateral non-proliferation and export control regimes.
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