TechNyou Information and Outreach Service

TechNyou was established by the department to meet a growing community need for balanced and factual information on emerging technologies.


TechNyou provides a free information service and an outreach program to help raise awareness about emerging technologies and their associated issues, for example GM foods, stem cells, genetic testing, gene therapy, cloning and nanotechnologies.

TechNyou also conduct professional development workshops for teachers and students, presentations to community groups and set up interactive information booths at public events.  See TechNyou for more information on these services.

Information available


There is a range of information available from the web site including basic explanations and facts about the emerging technologies, a file of media clippings, peer-reviewed papers and appropriate reports.

Also available is the TechNyou Science Education Resource, which provides science teachers resources to introduce emerging technologies in the classroom. These resources have been matched to the Australian Curriculum in Science for secondary year students, and are designed to introduce nanotechnology and biotechnologies with reference to the established traditional science disciplines of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


TechNyou's YouTube channel, TechNyouvids, contains many videos on the various topics of nanotechnology.

Featured videos

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