Mission-Based Compacts

A reform package for the higher education sector, including mission-based compacts (compacts) with Australian universities, was announced by the Australian Government in the 2009-10 Federal Budget the Australian Government.

2011-13 mission-based compacts

The 2011-13 compacts are agreements between universities and the Australian Government. The compacts provide a framework for universities to pursue their distinctive missions and strategic goals while contributing to the national objectives for higher education, research, research training and innovation.

A summary report provides an overview of the 2011-13 university mission-based compacts. It shows how they align with the government's objectives for higher education.

The 2011-13 mission-based compact agreements conclude at the end of 2013. New compacts are to be agreed with universities before the current compacts expire as required by the Higher Education Support Act. The department has drafted a compact template for negotiation in 2013.


The 2011-13 university compacts are available by state and territory below.

Australian Capital Territory

Northern Territory

South Australia



New South Wales



Western Australia

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