PMSEIC Membership

There are three types of members:

  • Ministerial members
  • Ex officio representatives of major science agencies and science and industry representative groups
  • Members chosen in a personal capacity.

The non-ministerial members (Ex Officio representatives and members appointed in a personal capacity) constitute the Standing Committee of the Council, and oversee and contribute to studies and research aimed at improving understanding of the major, science, engineering and innovation issues.

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The new PMSEIC consists of:

  • The Prime Minister (as Chair);
  • The Minister for Education;
  • The Minister for Industry;
  • Other Ministers with an interest in the specific session topic, as invited by the Prime Minister;
  • The Chief Scientist (Executive Officer);
  • The CEOs of the Australian Research Council and the National Health and Medical Research Council; and
  • Five standing members who are recognised sector leaders and drawn from the scientific community, chosen on the basis of individual strength and expertise. The individuals nominated for appointment as standing members offer a mix of continuity and new perspectives, between the former and new PMSEIC model:
    • Dr Megan Clark
    • Dr Cathy Foley
    • Dr Ben Greene
    • Professor Robert Saint
    • Professor Graeme Turner.

Standing Committee of PMSEIC

The Standing Committee, the non-ministerial members of PMSEIC meet four times a year. Much of its work is undertaken through working groups comprising members and those co-opted from industry, universities, science agencies and government departments.

The Standing Committee responds to issues referred by Government or by meetings of PMSEIC and identifies and develops a range of issues to be considered by PMSEIC.

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