The department focuses scientific research in Australia, supports innovation, research infrastructure and international scientific collaboration, and increases Australians’ engagement in science.

Funding and initiatives


Square Kilometre ArrayThe Square Kilometre Array (SKA) is a true mega-science infrastructure project. It is a next-generation telescope that will have 10,000 times the potential of existing telescopes. It will expand our knowledge of the universe and drive technological development worldwide.

The Australian and New Zealand Governments have won the right to jointly host components of the array.

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Community engagement and education

Inspiring Australia LogoInspiring Australia is a national strategy to inspire Australia with our scientific achievements, and to encourage young Australians to study in scientific fields. The strategy includes:

The Public Awareness and Engagement program informs Australians about science and new technologies. It focuses on nanotechnologies and biotechnologies.

Public sector innovation

Public Sector Innovation logoThe Australian Public Service is committed to innovation in policy development, service delivery and information management. Initiatives include:

  • an online Innovation Toolkit – providing public servants with practical tools and advice
  • the Innovation Indicators Project - developing indicators to measure and report innovation performance.

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Collaboration within Australia and with other countries ensures that our scientists can:

  • share knowledge and expertise
  • have access to a range of world-class infrastructure
  • work with businesses to help them gain a competitive edge
  • play a lead role in addressing global challenges such as climate change.

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Portfolio agencies, councils and forums

  • Portfolio research agencies
    The department is responsible for a range of research agencies, including CSIRO and the Australian Institute of Marine Science.
  • Councils and forums
    Help the government to share innovation information, engage with key stakeholders, and coordinate and target innovation policy, activities and programs.