Apprentice to Business Owner Program (AtoB Program)

About the AtoB Program

The Apprentice to Business Owner Program (AtoB Program) commenced in 2013. It provides training in a nationally recognised qualification in small business management, and includes business mentoring support for up to 12 months.

The program supports eligible tradespeople who are seeking to, or have recently, established a business. It is delivered nationwide across both metropolitan and regional areas by AtoB Program Brokers.

Many tradespeople operate as subcontractors, sole operators or small businesses. To establish a successful business, in addition to their trade specific competencies they also need to develop small business management skills, to ensure they meet business and employment regulations.

The AtoB Program services are designed for qualified tradespeople who are ready to start-up a new business, or to operate as independent subcontractors. It targets tradespeople in trades experiencing skills shortages as defined in the National Skills Needs List.

AtoB Program Brokers and Services

AtoB Program services are administered by organisations, known as AtoB Program Brokers. The AtoB Program Broker Panel is available on the AtoB Program Brokers and Services page

Three key services will be delivered under the AtoB Program: 

  • Selection: promotion and marketing of the AtoB Program and administration of application processes including selection of participants
  • Training: a nationally-recognised qualification in small business management
  • Business mentoring: mentoring support in business-specific skills for up to 12 months.

For more information about the AtoB Program services, visit the AtoB Program Services and Brokers page.

AtoB Program Guidelines

Applying for the AtoB Program

For information on who can participate in the AtoB Program and how to apply, visit the Applying for the AtoB Program page.

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